Welcome to ShapeService

Based on solid experience in both additive manufacturing with FDM technology, and architectural design ShapeService produces objects for application in a multitude of sectors like construction, offshore and interior design.
  • inhouse design and production facility
  • direct access to state-of-the-art bio-based & biodegradable plastics
  • current maximum object 1.5m x 1.5m x 1m

Architecture & Construction

LFAM opens new areas for both housing and utility construction. Application of LFAM enables complex geometries that could benefit both esthetic and functional demands in products ranging from facade applications to ceilings or wallelements.

On top of this, our knowledge and use of biobased or fully recycled plastics meets the rapidly growing demand for circular solutions in the built environment.


Furniture & Interior Design

LFAM excels in freedom in form and the digital productionprocess offers enormous possibilities to produce small runs or single, custom pieces. Put this together with a very short production time and you’ll have a nearly perfect production method for all kinds of applications in the field of furniture and interior design.


Offshore & Ship-building

The characteristics of both our production method and our use and knowledge of plastics, are very much suited for application in offshore and shipbuilding. In both industries there is a natural demand for tailor-made solutions for which our LFAM production method is particularly suitable. Moreover, using engineering plastics LFAM offers solutions for applications exposed to demanding and corrosive conditions.

our partners & clients

We are very much open to collaborate with businesses who share our values and
support our mission to create better solutions without compromising environmental integrity.

Please contact us to explore the possibilities